Proper training is critical to any successful implementation and of course to get the best return from your investment. While training is always a part of our initial implementation plan, as time goes on, new managers and administrators should receive proper training from qualified CARDWATCH personnel.

Additional web or on-site training is available at our standard rates as specified in your software license agreement or as posted in our rate schedule in the Client Login area.

Free Web Refresher Training

It’s been a while since your original training and there are just some things that you don’t do often enough and cannot remember how.  Or maybe there are things you did not know CARDWATCH could do that would make your life easier.  No matter what your circumstances, we offer regular web training sessions for our customers once each month, designed to be a refresher for trained users on a variety of topics. Visit our home page and check under the Upcoming Events section to find future training sessions.

Our CARDWATCH Help Desk Portal also contains useful reference articles and instructional videos.

To inquire about any of our formal training services, please contact us directly.