Hardware Requirements


Typical Hardware Requirements for the Host Server Machine

  • Current Pentium Processor – 3.0 GHz +Make sure your server has the right specs
  • Minimum 8 GB internal RAM (more for larger sites)
  • 120 GB free disk space
  • Hard Drive with min 7200rpm
  • Disk Mirror / RAID 1 disk array for redundancy
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB ports for attaching portable storage media (for software load) or remote access over high speed LAN
  • Backup solution
  • UPS & Battery Backup / generator power
  • Teamviewer or other preferred means for remote support access.

POS Terminal Requirements

 If supplying your own PC – POS terminals, they must meet the following minimum specifications:know your port configurations

  • Recent Pentium Processor with 1.5GHz or better, 4GB RAM, 80+GB HDD,
  • 3 @ USB ports, 1 @ 24v powered USB port, 1 @ RS232 (9 pin) serial ports (port type  & quantity based on peripheral selection)
  • NIC Card (Gigabit recommended)
  • Mouse and Keyboard (or access to shared mouse & keyboard)
  • External DVD or portable HDD for installing, updating and general maintenance of software
  • 15” Touch Screen (if no touch screen, application will need to be driven by mouse and keyboard)
  • 17″ – 20″ Touch Screen if it is a Hostess terminal using the Table Management System
  • Access to the internet directly or via the network

If re-using existing PC hardware, or if you have any questions about whether your hardware is compatible with CARDWATCH, please call us at 1-877-953-7575 or shoot us an email at sales@cardwatchpos.com.

Compatible Operating Systems:

  • Server(s): recommend Win Server 2008 R2 or Server 2012; Both support server virtualization (VM)
  • Workstations/POS Terminal:  Windows 7 Pro or better (Note Windows XP is no longer supported and Windows 7 will be retired in 2019);
  • Desktop PC (Back office): Windows 7 Pro or better  (Note Windows XP is no longer supported and Windows 7 will be retired in 2019);
  • Windows 10 PRO version is now supported.


Supported Peripherals

When it comes to peripherals, there are hundreds of makes and models out there for things like receipt printers, bar code scanners and network kitchen printers.  We “officially” support the following peripherals (make/model):

HP Thermal Receipt Printer (USB/PUSB/LAN)
Epson TM88v series or later thermal receipt printers (USB/LAN)
Epson TMU220 series Dot Matrix impact printer (Ethernet interface/USB/RS232)
NCR 7197 thermal receipt printer (USB/PUSB/LAN)

Magtek 3 track Magnetic Stripe care Readers, USB

PCprox RFID card readers, USB

Honeywell ML Orbit 7197 Omni-directional Bar Code Scanner
Honeywell ML Genisis 7580 image scanner; USB
Honeywell ML Voyager CG Handheld Scanner (USB/HID)
NCR RealScan 92 Omni-directional bar code scanner

Customer supplied peripherals not already certified for use with CARDWATCH must be tested at the customer’s expense.