Swipe-N-GoDon’t need the detail offered by a full featured POS system?  Just need to know who came to a meal and whether it should be a taken as a meal on plan or extra charge, but without the hassle of all the manual administration?  CARDWATCH has you covered.  Enjoy all the benefits of the Privilege Management system including Resident, Guest and Child Guest meal tracking, extra charge capture, automated plan renewals and batch export of charges to your primary billing application.  Choose from attended Hostess or unattended mode for express self-service dining environments.  The best part is when you are ready to scale your operation and move to a full POS environment, CARDWATCH can scale right along with you.

Starting at just $250/mo (software & support), you can automate meal tracking and charge capture for dozens of plans, saving countless hours of manual reconciliation and data entry.

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 Don’t count tickets anymore…just Swipe-N-Go!