Privilege Management

Privilege Management is the core module of the CARDWATCH application suite.  It manages all your Resident and employee accounts, as well as more than 1000 possible meal and spending plans at your community or health care facility. Privileges managed include meal credits, meal counts, declining dollar plans, flex or dining dollar plans, pre-paid declining, extra charges, subsidies and more.

How is CARDWATCH™ configured?Flexible meal plans make for happy residents

Essentially, CARDWATCH™ is an electronic filing cabinet in which information is stored about your Residents or employees (cardholders). The information contains rights and privileges purchased by or granted to each Resident. As your cardholders make purchases, their ID card is swiped or scanned, and their privileges are verified in the blink of an eye, prior to completion of the transaction. These privileges may include (but are not limited to):

  • Does the cardholder have privileges at this location?

  • Which price level is the client entitled to?

  • Is there sufficient funds to make the purchase? or an adequate credit limit if charges are enabled?

  • Should the transaction be applied to a meal, points/flex dollars, debit, charge on account or a subsidy?

  • Do the individual items in the transaction qualify for a meal-on-plan?

  • Is the entire transaction tax exempt? Do some or all items remain taxable?

  • Is the transaction billed to the individual, a Department or Company / 3rd party?

  • If on a Meal Plan, has this individual already taken their meal for this day and meal period ?

  • If there is a subsidy, what amount or % applies, is their a maximum to the subsidy amount and has the subsidy expired for this day, week, or month?

  • Has the card been reported lost, stolen or the account de-activated?

Why is a Privilege Management system so important?

Today’s business environment demands that we maximize our marketing efforts, control costs, provide a level of security to our Residents/staff and make it incredibly easy for them to do business with us. Most importantly, Residents today demand choice and flexibility more than the generations that preceded them.  Providing this choice means increased complexity which results in greater administrative burden in the absence of a “smart system” like CARDWATCH.

A Privilege Management system also encourages customer loyalty and eliminates the need to carry anything but an ID badge or door key fob to pay for purchases. In addition, throughput at each Point-of-Sale (POS) station is substantially increased with each “cashless” transaction, from approximately 20 seconds (to take cash and make change) to less than three seconds to swipe/scan a card, and receive authorization. This increase in speed, may allow you to deploy fewer POS terminals and staff to manage existing traffic, with related savings in both capital and labor costs. Concurrently, the associated problems and costs of handling cash or accepting credit cards are eliminated, as sales are paid for in advance or charged to cardholder internally through either your Resident Billing or Employee Payroll systems.

According to recent National Restaurant Association statistics, clients will spend up to 50% more in “cashless” spending environments.

CARDWATCH™ Privilege Management Highlights and Key Benefits:

  • Full automation of your plans so there is nothing you need to do at the end of each period.  Meal plans renew on their according to the parameters you set.  Clear unused balances, carry them over, or set a max carry over.  Once a plan is set, you can forget about it!

  • Ability to build  virtually any plan configuration imaginable so you can offer the ultimate in choice and flexibility to your current and future residents.
  • Turn hours of month end data entry and reconciliation into a five minute task. CARDWATCH accumulates charge transactions for each resident and employee through the month.  These charge amounts, along with their corresponding billing codes are exported into your current Resident billing application (eg. AOD, SOS, Point Click Care, MDI/Achieve, Compudata, American Health Tech, Residex, RH+ and more) or your employee payroll system for deduction purposes. 

  • Real Time account information. Both you and your residents have up-to-the-second account information including balances and transaction details from either the POS terminal or the back office.  All transaction receipts display the balance for each account used in the transaction.  Residents can also access their balances via the Resident Self-serve Inquiry terminal.
  • Full library of standard reports as well as optional integration with professional report writing tools such as Crystal Reports for unlimited self-created data mining.

  • Virtually unlimited number of accounts (resident, staff, etc) and support for over 1000 unique meal and spending plans means you’ll never have to worry about maxing out our system.

  • CARDWATCH can automatically adjust the default meal plan privileges based on location.  Eg) Dinner in the Dining Room might be a fixed charge amount but a-la-carte priced in the cafe.
  • Automatically manages complex sales tax scenarios including exemption for meals on plan but charging tax for extra meals and non-qualifying food items, guest meals, etc.

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