Point of Sale

CARDWATCH™ POS is a Windows based software application designed to manage the sales, menu cycle management & reporting requirements within a Quick Serve Food, Self Serve, Fine Dining, Retail Merchandise or any combination of these environments. It provides multi-company, multi-location, and terminal management in a graphical touch screen user environment to ensure easy, fast, yet comprehensive sales control through a variety of cost effective hardware deployment options.

Food Service Management Module

After many years of providing integrated POS solutions to the Food Service Industry CARDWATCH  knows the recipe for a successful Point of Sale product includes a bushel of speed, a quart of simplicity, a gallon of accuracy, and a dash of “Structured Flexibility” (our secret ingredient).

CARDWATCH™ POS is always ready when you are! When you’re ready to close, it puts itself away and prepares for the next business day.  Optional system redundancy capability ensures that if your network goes down, your POS keeps going as a stand alone and posts transactions to the server as soon as it becomes available again.

Feature Highlights

  • Menu Cycle Management (up to 10 weeks) ensures today’s specials are updated automatically on the POS screen
  • Multiple Company, location and terminal management from the comfort of your office chair.
  • Track client files in house for Meal Plans, Charge/Debit special orders, departmental charges and more via CARDWATCH™ .
  • Color Touch Screen allows for faster training and reduced orientation costs over keyboard systems. Screen menus can be set to update automatically with menu cycle saving programming time.
  • Intuitive screen layout allow for optimized menu flow and faster order entry resulting in dramatically higher throughput.
  • Gift Card, Credit Note and Gift Certificate issuance and redemption tracking, with bar coded receipts
  • Integrated credit and debit authorization through financial institutions and processors across North America
  • Transaction review (detailed or summary) available by entering transaction number or scanning a printed receipt bar code; unlimited transaction history.
  • Store #, Transaction #, Date, Time printed on receipt as text, bar code or both.
  • Up to 4 reporting levels including Department, Class, Group & Item.
  • Unlimited items, SKU’s, styles and color fields for ultimate in flexibility and scalability.
  • Collect Payments in any currency.
  • 6 price levels per item and 5 tax levels to accommodate various federal and provincial / state retail tax policies.
  • Scale items with auto tare at each price level, further enhancing customer throughput.
  • Order routing to designated kitchen prep areas as defined in the item menu files.
  • Automatically recognizes item combos when entered as separate items and adjusts prices to reflect combo price.
  • Change payment method and other keyboard attributes with a simple screen tap or mouse click.
  • Order parking and quick recall feature allows the line to keep moving and increases throughout.
  • Optional on-screen photo ID for cashier visual verification at point of sale.
  • Training Mode to ensure new employees receive accurate, effective training with complete transaction set available.
  • Point and click support for most POS peripherals.
  • On-line Help, sample reports and complete documentation are just a mouse click away.
  • CARDWATCH™ Points Rewards module to build customer loyalty.

General Retail Modules

Need to track customer mailing lists and purchase history? Simply set this option to “yes” in the location set-up file. Need to have the customer number entered at the end of the sale? Simply select that option. Need to track Loyalty Accounts? Simply toggle that option “on”. You may select inventory management at the store level, Head Office level or both. Control receipts of goods, transfers (in and out), all by electronic packing list.  Regardless of your environment – food items, packaged or staple goods, soft goods, logical SKU’s or random SKU’s, CARDWATCH™ POS is at work for you.

CARDWATCH™ POS is seamlessly integrated to our CARDWATCH™ Privilege Management application should your organization require Debit, Charge, Meal Plan or general spending plan management.

Wireless Options

CARDWATCH™ POS is ready to roam!  We support a number of different wireless devices to suit your needs including BlueTooth bar code scanners and ScanPal wireless batch devices.  Each POS terminal may also be operated on a wireless network allowing you to use any windows enabled tablet PC or put the POS station on wheels and roll it to where demand requires it such as special events or catering functions.

Technical Development and Deployment

Each of our applications are authored with the Progress™ V10 tools and Enterprise Class relational database, therefore you can select the O/S and hardware that’s right for you. Rest assured that all those ingredients you’ve heard so much about — such as ODBC, SQL, OLE & Active X, are fully supported.

To request more information or to arrange a demo, please fill out our CARDWATCH Information Request Form.