Relax with CARDWATCH at workDo MORE… and do LESS.

Every feature and function of CARDWATCH has been designed to reduce manual administration and daily tasks while allowing you to constantly offer more to your Residents. 

Decide there should be less decisions. 

CARDWATCH removes the guesswork and decision making from your front-of-house staff.  Since plans are all automated and since we know what plans each cardholder has, CARDWATCH decides which plan or account to use based on who is making the purchase , what plans they have, where the purchase is happening and when.  The result?  Fewer mistakes, more accurate account information and greater peace of mind for everyone.

Think outside the lunch box. 

Your Residents do more than eat at your community.  That’s why CARDWATCH can handle transactions anywhere on your campus.  Imagine the convenience for your Residents if they could charge purchases with the swipe or scan of their card or key fob at the gift shop, convenience store, front desk, salon, and spa, with real time account balances after every transaction. Now imagine exporting all the charge transactions accumulated by all residents at all locations  in just minutes right into your Resident billing software, complete with billing code! And ready for posting!

Learn more about each of the integrated modules below, or contact us directly to discuss your objectives.


Privilege Management

Privilege Management controls the "who gets what" when it comes to meal and spending plans. Create dozens of unique plans that will automatically manage how your Residents' transactions are managed at each of your various dining or retail locations on campus.

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POS screencap

Point of Sale

Point of Sale modules for Fine Dining, Quick-Serve Cafe, Retail and Services that are "purpose-built" for senior living environments. Fully integrated with the Privilege Management module, capture every transaction, quickly, accurately and with ease.

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The CARDWATCH Swipe-N-Go solution is designed for Senior Living environments that need to track Resident Meals, Guest Meals (Adult & Child Guest) and Misc Charges. A simple user interface for your dining Host/Hostess ensures quick training and consistency of meal and charge tracking.

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CARDWATCH CATERING enables food service managers to set up events for Residents, staff/departments or outside parties and bill directly through CARDWATCH with the swipe of an ID card. Create a special catering menu or select from existing menus. Allocate resources such as rooms, equipment and labor and print work orders and invoices directly from CARDWATCH or export charges to your billing application.

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Cardwatch Gift Card Module

Gift Card Management

The CARDWATCH GIFTCARD application module allows you to manage your own in-house gift card program just like any retailer. Sell gift cards to guests, residents and staff and eliminate cash transactions. Eliminate administrative burden surrounding paper gift certificate and manual tracking while increasing revenues on campus.

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Resident Inquiry

Resident Inquiry

Redirect account balance inquiry traffic away from your business office and to the CARDWATCH Resident Self-Serve Inquiry terminal instead. Save hours each month and give your residents the confidence of always knowing their account balances.

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CARDWATCH web module

Web Module

With the CARDWATCH web module, your Residents can login and view their account information from the comfort of their room over the web. With today's more tech savvy seniors, giving them online access to their account balances and transaction detail just makes sense.

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POS Hardware

CARDWATCH provides full turn-key services including POS Hardware. An authorized reseller for the worlds best selling POS terminals from NCR, we've got your solution!

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Mobile POS Slate

Take CARDWATCH right to the table with the CARDWATCH Mobile POS Slate. Now your servers enter orders right at the table and print them back to the kitchen without ever leaving the floor. Efficiency and improved services levels will please your Residents and your bottom line!

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