Windows XP? You are waaay overdue for an upgrade!

Windows XP retiresIn April 2014, Microsoft retired support on its most popular Windows operating system of all time: Windows XP.  This includes delivery of security updates and patches leaving XP machines open to an ever-expanding threat of attack from malware and viruses exploiting the unpatched vulnerabilities.

If you are running older POS hardware running Windows XP, the time is now to update your OS but it may not be so straight forward as we might hope!  Many older touch screen systems use touch screen drivers that are not compatible with the newer Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 OS which means hardware replacement is also required to support an OS upgrade.  In addition, some older POS terminals may not support sufficient memory (RAM) to handle the new Windows OS without noticeably degrading performance.  Many older POS peripherals like receipt printers and customer pole displays may also not support the newer operating systems.  CARDWATCH offers a number of excellent hardware options from the ELO all-in-one POS machines to great mid-range POS hardware from HP.  Learn more on our hardware page.

Lastly, if you are accepting credit cards on a machine running XP, you are out of PCI compliance, leaving you open to a costly breach of cardholder data (read more HERE or download the fact sheet from the PCI Standards Council).  Credit card payment gateways like our partner BridgePay Networks (Tgate PayLink)  will no longer permit installation of their payment software on an XP machine and most will require an upgrade for any merchants with older hardware.

 For more information or to discuss your specific upgrade options, please contact your CARDWATCH rep or Kevin McIntosh at 1-877-953-7575 x101.


FAQ’s from our payment gateway partner BridgePay:

Q: I use PayLINK on Windows XP. Will PayLINK stop working after April 8, 2014?

A: PayLINK will not stop working; however, you should upgrade to a later OS as your POS will no longer be PCI compliant.


Q: Is there a “grace period” with Windows XP support?

A: There is no grace period. Microsoft ends support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Security patches will no longer be released and systems running Windows XP will no longer be PCI compliant.


Q: The PCI Council’s website lists PayLINK as being PA-DSS certified on Windows XP. Am I still compliant after April 8, 2014 if I run XP?

A: No. In order to remain PCI complaint, you must upgrade to a later Windows OS version. Consult your technical or audit team for the best path to maintain compliance.


Q: What OS should I upgrade to?

A: PayLINK is PA-DSS certified on Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 Pro, Enterprise, Ultimate, Windows 8 Pro, Windows Server 2008 (R2), Windows Server 2012. Consult your technical and audit teams to determine your best path for upgrade.