Windows XP Retires

…and you thought only people retire at your community!

As of June 30th, 2008, Microsoft stopped licensing the XP operating system on new OEM computers. This naturally will affect many areas of your IT operation including CARDWATCH and some manufacturer’s peripherals such as certain Epson receipt printers which are not yet Vista compatible / certified.

Fear not…we have a plan!

First off, our hardware suppliers have overstocked on XP licenses in anticipation that the majority of vendors and resellers are not ready to move over to the less stable and more problematic Windows Vista OS. Supply of XP licenses on new NCR hardware should last into early 2009.

Secondly, when you buy Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate, you’re automatically entitled to move back to Windows XP Professional via what is called “downgrade rights.”

Lastly, we are porting our CARDWATCH application up to version 10 of Progress which IS compatible with Vista (current version 8 is not) and will be available at the end of October for any clients wishing to upgrade their system.

If you have more questions about how this change will affect your CARDWATCH system, please do not hesitate to call our Help Desk at 1-877-774-7638.

For more information on Windows XP’s retirement plan, visit Microsoft’s website: