POS So Easy, Even Your Resident Volunteers Will Love Using It!

Carol Sumner, 73, and her husband Edwin, moved to Heath Village Retirement Community in Hackettstown, New Jersey in June of 2008.  They are both very active and social in the Community and she recently started volunteering in our Village Gift Shoppe on campus.  She, along with several other residents, volunteers her time to work in the Shoppe.  Earlier this year, the Volunteers learned to use the CARDWATCH Point of Sale system in the Shoppe. Previously the staff had to key punch all items separately into a cash register.  This transition was a big learning curve for some volunteers, however Carol caught on very quickly and is now a spokesperson for how “fun and easy” the CARDWATCH system is to use.  She gets calls from the other residents who need assistance in the Shoppe and she’s happy to help.

“I love learning new things and once I got the hang of using the CARDWATCH system I enjoy coming to work each time”, says Carol.  “The system really does ‘talk to you’.  By just watching the on-screen prompts, you really don’t have to ‘learn’ very much at all!”

Like many Gift Shop Managers we meet, The Village Shoppe manager, Tracy Marmorato, was anxious and hesitant about having the system installed, however she now comments “…it creates much less manual work at the end of the day than using a cash register”, adding “Residents and staff now have the capability to use charge cards or their ID badges to pay for items in the store.  No one needs to carry cash, but they can still do so if they like – it’s really so flexible!  And if someone forgets their ID, we can look up their last name in the system and charge their account.  It’s such a great system.”

Typically, when CARDWATCH does a new installation, we start out by training a member (or members) of the communitys computer club. “We find that learning from their resident peers rather than a younger and more technically inclined trainer is far less daunting and actually ends up being a very fulfilling experience for botht the Resident trainer and the volunteer trainees” says Gary McMullen, President of CARDWATCH.

Tracy adds, “We love our new CARDWATCH Point of Sale system in the Heath Village Gift Shoppe and the volunteers, residents, visitors and staff that come in are happy that it’s so quick and easy to interact with.  Thank you CARDWATCH!”