CARDWATCH Goes Mobile!

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Have you ever wished your wait staff could simply take resident orders right at the table and fire them back to the Kitchen without having to walk back to a POS terminal?    Now you can as we “snip the wires” to bring the power of CARDWATCH to the convenience and portability of a small, lightweight mini tablet PC.  We anticipate that our clients will be able to reduce floor staffing requirements with the increased efficiencies while concurrently providing improved service levels and faster table turnover.  Use it for private catering events or for off-site events to capture charges.  Because this is not a Palm or Pocket PC version, your team will have the full functionality of the CARDWATCH application in their hands.  

HP MX10In addition, if you have other applications you’d like to take mobile, the tablets are easily re-purposed during non-dining hours for other uses because it runs on a full version of the latest windows OS.  In future we expect to expand the wireless table application to food delivery and even service calls to process work orders right in the resident’s unit, all with the simple swipe or scan of their Resident ID card. Plans are also afoot to make our mobilePOS solution OS and hardware agnostic meaning you will be able to run it on your preferred device whether Windows, Android or iOS.

As we begin this exciting journey, we want to hear from you, our clients and future clients, to get your input and suggestions on what you’d like to be able to do with our new handheld tablet version of CARDWATCH.  CARDWATCH has always had the philosophy that the best ideas come from our clients!