CARDWATCH and SureQuest’s ThreeSquares Partner to Close the Loop on Food Service & Dietary Reporting

SureQuest Systems, Inc. is proud to announce it’s affiliation with CARDWATCH™ as a ‘marketing’ partner. As the industry’s leading Food Service Management software, ThreeSquares® offers a variety of solutions from the most basic dietary functions to the most sophisticated management system – Basic Tray Menu Systems to Integrated Corporate Management Systems!

At SureQuest Systems, Inc. we understand the importance of applying the most effective food service solutions to ensure that Resident and Patient Dining Services are managed with maximum ease, efficiency and accuracy. We also understand the importance of providing these solutions at costs that are easily managed by our clients. And – we understand the importance of designing this ‘technology’ with an easy-to-use interface that produces robust results. Our commitment is simple….provide the best possible solution, at the best possible price, in an Easy to Use system.

Founded in 1984, SureQuest began business with a basic concept – “We are not Computer People – we are Food Service People!” Our staff, from Management to Customer Support and Training all come from a food service background. Most have managed departments in Long Term Care or Acute Care Hospitals. Our systems were “designed” from the beginning to meet the practical needs of the Food Service Department.

In recent years it has also become important to recognize a new need on the part of our clientèle. Now, no department is a ‘silo’ in the facility and Administration seeks ‘compatibility’ in all systems from Patient Information systems, Clinical systems to Accounting – and that should include Dietary/Food Service systems. Even with this need for ‘sharing information’ throughout the facility, it was obvious that no one company could do it all! Accountants seldom understand all the aspects and needs of Dietary, and Nursing is probably not the best department to prepare an Income Statement. So why not use the BEST in all fields and make them talk to each other. ThreeSquares® has the ability to “interface” or ‘share’ information with most of the major Patient/Clinical software packages, download pricing from Food Vendors and electronically place orders with all the major Food Vendors in the US and Canada.

With that same concept in mind, SureQuest Systems, Inc. is proud to have selected CARDWATCH™ as our pick for “Best of Breed” to recommend to our clients for Point of Sale and Meal Plan Accountability. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

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