CARDWATCH and SOS Corporation Serve Up Real PROGRESS for Retirement Communities.


May 1, 2005.


In response to the growing need for more completely integrated solutions in the Retirement Community market, Retail Systems Group (CARDWATCH) and //SOS/Corporation (HelpCare+) have teamed up to deliver a robust and feature rich software offering. The new alliance will enable clients to handle highly complex Resident Meal / Spending Plan Administration, Point of Sale and transaction processing, Resident Information / Admissions, Inter-Disciplinary Clinical Management (Nursing), General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Inventory/Purchasing, Human Resource Administration, Employee Scheduling, Payroll, Client Scheduling, Prospective Resident Marketing, Fixed Asset Management, and Therapy Scheduling.

“It just made complete sense to us” said CARDWATCH President Gary McMullen. “Both products use the same relational database from PROGRESS Software making integration easier and very often reducing the cost of database licenses required for the complete solution”. SOS Corporation is a well established and respected organization with one of the most complete offerings available to our clients. They have a demonstrated commitment to the enhancement and continuing development of their product and are one of the few who encourage the sharing of knowledge between their clients through their own SOS User Group forum.

“SOS has many clients that have not yet implemented an automated tracking and administration system for their meal plans, extra charges and retail transactions but who also recognize that there are substantial cost and productivity savings to be had with such a system” said SOS Vice President Josh Shupp. “We are experts in accounting and clinical software. To reinvent the wheel when there is already an outstanding Meal Plan and POS solution in the marketplace made no sense. We partnered with CARDWATCH because they had the best overall offering and were the natural choice for our retirement community clients.”

CARDWATCH / Retail Systems Group has been delivering Privilege Management and POS solutions to the Health Care and Retirement markets for more that 20 years and provides full turn key service including site assessments, consulting, software, hardware, installation, training and national support.

Founded in 1971, SOS Corporation provides total software solutions for Long Term Care Facilities. SOS HelpCare+ is the latest generation of SOS’s comprehensive system and is backed by over 30 years of research and development. From its Liverpool, NY headquarters, SOS provides software, service, training, and support to a nationwide client base in excess of 500 facilities.